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FACEBOOK Marketing / Video


Advoid deadly mistakes / outcome / what is the solution




- Tag too many people but no LIKE

- Spamming to many site but no LIKE

- Massanger (LIKE click competition)



- Creating a negative impression

- Advertisement up / phone calls in



- Set up a LIKE team

- Start to LIKE other musicians / schools posting

- sincere Word of encouragement 


2. A Picture Speaks a thousand word...BUT


- upload too many photos

- not organized

- missed out the eye catching photos

- poor design



- photo collage / mei tu / folder

- plan your story in a few parts. 1/3 - 3/3

- a video side by side with the poster - movement capture attention




- upload poster / campaign at the very wrong time

- eg. 2am / monday blue


When is the best time to post

- analyze MOM - SUN 


the best time to post is in the morning

bump / comment


4. Case Study


The top music school in town are looking for music teacher


trade in your instruments for new




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