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Get this Ebooks (20 most wanted Ukulele TABS) at USD10.00 Only
Check out the link below and watch the video
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This book is specially designed for fingerstyle lover. Featuring 20 all time favorite songs with TABs and standard notation. Best of all, the selection of songs suit the taste of all generations. 



  1. Fikirkan Boleh VIDEO

  2. Hari Ini

  3. Sejahtera Malaysia

  4. Menghitung Hari

  5. Selamat Hari Raya VIDEO

  6. Apologize

  7. 21 Gun

  8. You Raise Me Up VIDEO

  9. Wonderful Tonight VIDEO

  10. Hey Jude

  11. Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You

  12. Sukiyaki VIDEO

  13. Joy To The World

  14. 情非得以

  15. 万水千山总是情 VIDEO

  16. 賀新年 VIDEO

  17. 朋友

  18. 可惜不是你 VIDEO

  19. 你知道我在等你嗎 VIDEO

  20. 海阔天空 VIDEO

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